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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves

Comatrol launches EasyValve™ 2.0, its hydraulic manifold design software, and a new valve catalogue for Automation Studio™, both developed by Famic Technologies.

March 10th 2011 – Comatrol of Easley, South Carolina, a member of the Sauer-Danfoss Group that engineers, manufactures and supplies screw-in cartridge valves and Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs), announced today that it has collaborated with Famic Technologies to make two main products available:

(1) the second version of its hydraulic manifold circuit design software, EasyValve™, and (2) a first version of its valve catalogue for Automation Studio™, an innovative design and simulation software developed by Famic Technologies Inc. of Montreal, Quebec.

Built upon the Automation Studio™ Live technology, EasyValve™ 2.0 is Comatrol’s flagship software that takes custom HIC solutions to the next level by providing a streamlined development process from the customer to the Comatrol engineer. EasyValve captures technical, commercial and application requirements to accurately

document and communicate the custom HIC needs allowing customers to get exactly what they want from the first drawing, reducing the prototype cycle time by as much as half.  Comatrol has elected to work with Famic Technologies for developing EasyValve because of its expertise and its highly reputed Automation Studio™ software. EasyValve’s intuitive user interface allows a customer to proficiently create a hydraulic circuit schematic by simply dragging and dropping from Comatrol’s complete digital library of cartridge valves, Cetop valves and accessories.

EasyValve™ 2.0 has several important improved features that are efficient and easy to use, including:

  • Quickly select and configure the products, ports and machining options needed
  • Easily configure all of your selected items by using drop-down component selection functionality
  • Assist users in making optimal technical vs. pricing decisions, with readily available information in the Component Specifications page of each item, including the valve catalog pages
  • Capture customer, technical, and HIC material information in the Project Information View
  • Capture customer-critical layout information in the Manifold Layout view
  • Outputs include a project file that stores all your work into one document [.HICS], a Project Summary, a schematic in DXF format and Automation Studio™ output [.HIX] to support customer simulation needs.

Releasing Comatrol’s valve catalogue for Automation Studio™ was the next step to make hydraulic system design even easier for Comatrol’s customers. They will be able to design hydraulic circuits faster and better by allowing them to create and validate, by functional simulation using Automation Studio™, product performance
and compatibility with other system components prior to block machining. More than 500 Comatrol components are included in this catalogue.

According to Darren Magner, Marketing Manager at Comatrol, “Comatrol is the most responsive partner for control solutions and we are constantly working to improve the way we do business. By improving the communication and speeding up quotation time with EasyValve™ 2.0, we can move from Idea  To Concept 
To Prototype  To Production, thus helping customers get to market faster. We also want to help customers reduce the development time of the machine’s hydraulic system significantly by integrating our valve library into an Automation Studio™ catalogue. Comatrol is a leading company in the fluid controls industry and we
intend to keep our leadership in the market. EasyValve™ 2.0 is part of our strategy. ”

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