HSVP16-NOR Solenoid Valve
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This is a normally-open, pilot-operated, poppet-type 16-size solenoid valve with free reverse flow.  When de-energized the valve allows flow from port 1 to 2 and from port 2 to 1.  When energized, the pilot poppet closes allowing the valve to act as a check valve flowing from port 1 to port 2, while blocking flow from port 2 to 1.   This valve comes standard with a push pin type manual override.




This is a low leakage valve designed for use in load holding applications or as a general purpose diverter or dump valve.

This solenoid valve is a technical replacement for CP502-4.





Rated Presssure* 350 bar [5075 psi]*
Rated flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]
152 l/min
[40 US gal/min]
Leakage 6 drops/min @
Rated pressure
Weight 0.73 kg [1.61 lb]
Cavity SDC16-2
Standard Coil H16 29 Watt

*Rated Pressure based on NFPA fatigue test standards (at 1 Million Cycles)





Performance Curves

hsvp16-nor performance




hsvp16-nor dimensions


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Download this file (HSVP16-NOR - 3D STP Files.zip)HSVP16-NOR - 3D STP Files.zip57 kB01-17-2014
Download this file (HSVP16-NOR Catalog Page.pdf)HSVP16-NOR Catalog Page.pdf393 kB05-14-2015
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