EasyManifold’s intuitive user interface allows you to create your hydraulic schematic circuit by dragging and dropping from Comatrol’s complete digital library and the software will generate the full 3D!

EasyManifold 3D is the fastest way to generate yours Hydraulic Integrated Circuits


Filling Operative Parameters

Users can create an HIC project on their own. Let's start with filling operative parameters (such as pressure, flow and voltage) as well as the delivery requirements, expected quantities and project time line.

Access to Comatrol Cartridge

The user will access to Comatrol cartridge library and will be able to drag and drop them in the drawing, generating a complete hydraulic diagram up to 12 cartridges.

Optimize The Design

The layout of the future HIC design can be defined setting mounting faces and eventual component constrains. If constrains are not necessary, the software will simply optimize the design.

Redy for Download

After few minutes your assembly drawing and 3d model will be ready for download! You don't need to install any software but it works on Chrome.

On request, the experts of Comatrol can intervene simultaneously on the project to provide complete assistance.

At the moment the use of the software is reserved for selected customers, but will soon be made public.

Discover more on www.easymanifold.com and Contact us to be among the first to be able to use EasyManifold 3D